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- Lonnie Hunter

"Man, it gives me great pleasure to tell y'all about my amazing sister. Not only can she sang, not only is she one of the baddest radio personalities in the Tri-state, she has a heart for God that is next level! The services that she is providing is so necessary in this day and time as folks continue to dress up their pain. Take off the mask today y'all, I got to go!"

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- Maurette Brown Clark

"Dezzie is the real thing. A heart for God and his people, you can't go wrong. With experience as both an On-Air personality in one of gospel musics largest markets and as an independent artist, she is well equipped to usher artists and industry professionals to their best selves. Her caring and bubbly personality shows that she never meets a stranger. And the hugs! Love her and her compassion for wanting to always push other to their destiny. I am a witness and a recipient of her unselfishness. 

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- Yolanda Adams

"As I embarked on phase two of the Yolanda Adams Morning Show, I had to find a lively exciting personality for our entertainment segment known as inside inspiration. It didn't take long to choose a young lady we affectionately call "Dezzie." Miss Desiree has been a favorite of the Yolanda Adams Morning Show since we worked with her in Philly. Her excitement for life and people is a true gift. She has the power to make you think, laugh and eventually join in with the fun."


- Anita Wilson

"Dezzie is an amazing sister. She has once again shown her heart by offering these services to the industry. Having someone to share your joys, pains, goals, fears and desires with is so important. Do yourself a favor and let go of what has been holding you back. Release the pain and become your best self. I support her 100%."

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